Our Story

I invented HippysBleederChain® bait rigs, after I noticed a trend in the fishing Industry with more and more lure companies emulating wounded bleeding baits. I reviewed and fished many of the ones on the market today. It is my own experience when bleeding, whether human or prey, bleeding can occur in ball-form or droplets. For example, many people have seen someone drip blood from a ‘bloody nose’, this is how I see true bleeding occur. Our products offer such simulation and appears to stimulate fish to enact on their predatory instincts when using HippysBleederChain® bait rigs.

Fishing HippysBleederChain® bait rigs can be fished numerous ways. The Spin float, Ball float rigs can be fished out of a boat trolling with a bottom bouncer tipped with a minnow, crawler, leech or favorite plastic grub. The ball float rigs can be fished beneath a bobber with a small split shot pinched about 18 inches up or so from the hook. Tip with your favorite bait. This is great for catching panfish, i.e. crappie and bluegill.

Happy Fishing,
Hit and Jim Mayer, both also known as “Hippy”