Bleeder Chain™ Crankbait & Ice Lure Kit (Web Exclusive)



The Bleeder Chain™ Crankbait & Ice Lure Kit includes the plier, 6 ‘Clear’ Bleeder Chain™ O-rings, & 6 ‘Red’ Bleeder Chain™ O-rings. The bleeder chains are applied over the bill of most Crankbaits & Ice Lures. Click on ‘Kit Instructions’ above. The bleeder chains are aluminum and lightweight. This extra chain does not alter the action of the Crankbait & Ice Lures. This has been proven after extensive field tests.

These bleeder chains emulate blood droplets coming off both sides of the lure like a wounded bait-fish. The bleeder chain™ also bangs into the lure adding extra vibration. The wounded bait-fish effect & added vibration makes the lure very enticing for Walleye & other predatory fish. It is recommended that once the bleeder chain™ is applied over the lip of your favorite lure… leave the O-ring on. Click on ‘Lure Gallery’ for example of Bleeder Chain™ O-rings on various lures.

Ice fisherman see below:

  • The clear O-ring attachments can be added to most collared Jigs or 1/16 oz Ice Spoons.
  • The red O-ring attachments can be added to most 1/8 – 1/4 oz Ice Spoons.

⚠ Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


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