Hippy’s Bleeder Chain®

New arrival for winter 2015-2016 Perch Bleeder Chain™ ice spoons (3 pack combo)

Walleye   Trout   Salmon/Steelhead   Perch   Crappie   Bass

The only 3-Dimensional ADD-ON attachment that simulates a bleeding wounded baitfish now for most lures.

The Bleeder Chain™ O-Ring attachment converts your existing lures into a 3-D bleeding attractant fish can’t resist… unique, affordable, and effective.

What Fishermen Say

Why the Bleeder Chain™ provokes strikes…

  • The 3D bleeding, flash attractant
  • The random wobble or ‘twitch’
  • The unique vibration
  • The ‘larvae’ or ‘bug-like’ appearance

Our Story

I invented HippysBleederChain® bait rigs, after I noticed a trend in the fishing Industry with more and more lure companies emulating wounded bleeding baits. I reviewed and fished many of the ones on the market today. It is my own experience when bleeding, whether human or prey, bleeding can occur… read more