Hippy’s Bleeder Chain®

Upcoming Sport Shows

Sioux Empire Fairgrounds

Expo Building

Sioux Falls, SD

January 20th – 22nd, 2017

Additional shows coming soon

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Bleeder Chain™ Perch Producer™ Spoon  3-Pack$9.99

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  • 3 enticing glow colors that target Perch, great for ice fishing
  • Gold 1/16 oz,  Glow Perch 1/16 oz, Glow Red 1/16 oz
  • Rattle chamber behind lure for extra sound & vibration
  • Bleeder Chain tm mimics blood droplets, simulating a wounded baitfish, enticing predatory Perch

What Fishermen Say

Why the Bleeder Chain™ provokes strikes…

  • The 3D bleeding, flash attractant
  • The random wobble or ‘twitch’
  • The unique vibration
  • The ‘larvae’ or ‘bug-like’ appearance


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